Believing is Seeing: The Anatomy of A Digital Still Photograph

Vincent Versace's Calendar

Building upon skills learned from Vincent Versace's Welcome to Oz: Following the RBG Road, Believing is Seeing refines your artistic prowess by providing the perfect balance of practical instruction and creative inspiration. Believing is Seeing is designed to further develop your proficiency, help you express your creativity, and let any idea imaginable flow fluidly through Photoshop.

Each lesson provides you with the skills and knowledge to turn your ideas into reality, teaching you to make informed decisions at every step in the process - from the time you shoot an image all the way through digital processing and output. Each image is dissected and rebuilt, step-by-step, so you understand how and why each decision is being made. Full-resolution 16-bit source files and original 100ppi Photoshop files are included with every lesson. immersing you in both the workflow and the creative process.

Retouching On A Laptop:
How to Retouch a Portrait in 15 minutes (Retouching Essentials)

This three DVD set teaches you the skills and techniques essential for using Photoshop CS3 to master the art of digital portrait retouching. Accentuate and perfect each shot by learning how to brighten and enhance features, how to create flawless but believable skin texture, and how to improve overall tone, color and detail to make Hollywood-quality portraits.


Lighting On A Laptop II: How to Light Like a Sunbeam

This three DVD series provides inspirational and user-friendly lessons to use Photoshop CS3 to emulate, bend and refract natural light. Step-by-step lessons guide you through the process of believably replicating the most fleeting and beautiful light of all - a late afternoon beam of sunlight streaming through a window. Starting with initial image capture and lighting considerations, this series of progressive Photoshop lighting techniques gives you the essential skills to emulate brilliant, realistic lighting.